Darrell Grant

Press Quotes

darrell_closeup"I didn't know jazz piano could be this good; the gorgeous harmonies, subtle nuances, uplifting swing, brilliantly re-composed standard themes, and the range and depth of feelings were a revelation." -The Evening Post, (Wellington, New Zealand)

"He has figured out how to bring together all the various ploys that a modern rhythm section can use, and meld them so that a performance is rarely stationary. It is a type of rhythm-section virtuosity that is becoming more and more common, and Mr. Grant and his band have mastered it." -The New York Times-Peter Watrous

"The man is a communicator. His solos are like short stories, with the multifarious elements of music constantly in play to draw the listener in, and then sustaining that attention with fascinating narrative and thrilling climaxes." -Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

"Grant continually surprised and delighted the crowd." -The Oregonian- Lynn Darroch

"A great storyteller." The All Music Guide -Michael G. Nastos

"Grant's warm, sophisticated sense of harmony, as well as his love of swinging blues riffs, and bright way of selling a song." - Seattle Times Paul de Barros,

"A REVELATION. . . hard-hitting dense chords, complex bebop lines, atmospheric harmonies, tricky rhythmic figures and subtle dynamics. Grant's accompaniment gave the music a sense of ensemble." - The News and Observer,Raleigh, NC.

"ADVENTUROUS. His eclectic background and obvious open-mindedness has paid dividends: full-bodied in attack, he reveled in the odd, harmonic twist as much as the pretty swinging melody. He implied the beat as often as he stated it. . . Grant aimed for a quiet passion and found it." -The Boston Herald.

"Pianist Darrell Grant clearly was born to [Roy] Haynes' high-energy school of jazz, his dissonant chords and right-hand lines flying fast and furiously." -The Chicago Tribune-Howard Reich

"A GIFTED PIANIST AND A WONDERFULLY INVENTIVE COMPOSER. . . In his melodic solos Grant punctuates long, cascading keyboard runs with quick contrapuntal stabs that provide dynamic color and extend the solo's creative life. Grant has transcended his influences to command a singular piano voice. " -Binghamton Press Sun-Bulletin

"Firmly rooted in tradition, showing gospel-inflected dexterity on hopping bop and sweet introspection on the ballads."
-Willamette Week (Portland, OR)

"A fine all around entertainer." - The Ottawa Citizen

The Chicago Tribune

The News & Observer Raleigh,NC


- Now Magazine Toronto

-Palm Beach Post


-Halifax Chronicle-Herald

2001 "Smokin’ Java"-#4 record on Gavin Magazine Jazz Chart

1998 "Twilight Stories"# 3 record on Gavin Magazine Jazz Radio Char

1995 "Black Art" -#5 on Gavin Magazine Jazz Radio Chart

1995 "The New Bop" -#4 record on Gavin Magazine Jazz Radio Chart

1994 "Black Art" one of the "10 Best Jazz Recordings of the Year" -The New York Times
1994 "Black Art" one of the "Year's 5 Best Jazz Recordings" -VOX Magazine


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Hiroshi Iwaya - Color
3 color studio photos by Hiroshi Iwaya including Truth & Reconciliation shot

Hiroshi Iwaya - B&W
3 b&w studio photos

Hiroshi Iwaya Performance Photos - B&W
3 b&w performance photos

Hiroshi Iwaya Performance Photos - Color
2 color performance photos

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3 color studio photos by Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson - B&W
3 b&w studio photos by Jim Wilson

Phyllis Lane - B&W
3 b&w studio photos by Phyllis Lane

Phyllis Lane-Color
1 color studio photo by Phyllis Lane

Grant & Matheny Photo
1 color studio photo


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