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Truth and Reconciliation Project

trTruth and Reconciliation was inspired by my own search for artistic truth, the struggle for justice and healing in South Africa, and the birth of my son. The album celebrates the beauty, courage and the spirit of humanity through music. While making the recording was a dream come true, the process of putting the music out into the world is equally exciting and important.

The Truth and Reconciliation Project is an expression of my larger vision of using music as a tool for positive change. It began with a personal mission statement:

I choose to believe in the power of humans to change the world. Art is the substance of our dreams and the medium through which resonates our most fervent hopes, highest aspirations, deepest truths, and most profound experiences. Those who create art possess a consequent extraordinary power to communicate, inspire, provoke, inform and to move others to transform society and themselves, and we bear the responsibility to use this power to affect positive change in our communities and the world.

My hope is that the music documented on the recording Truth and Reconciliation will serve as a vehicle through which to pursue this mission and encourage others to do the same.

To that end the Truth and Reconciliation Project is creating partnerships with non-profit organizations that promote positive change and bring hope and help to communities. I will contribute revenues from CD sales, raise funds through benefit performances, and participate in awareness-building and publicity campaigns in support of organizations.

In this way I hope that my music can be a tool to bring people together, a means to provide support to those who are working to bring a better quality of life to others, and a testament to the belief that life is good.

• When you order a CD directly  from Darrell Grant Music, we will contribute $5.00 of your purchase to one of our partner non-profits.
• If you know of a non-profit organization committed to positive change that might be interested in being a partner in the Truth and Reconciliation Project please send us their contact information.
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      Artists for the Arts
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Photos from the Truth and Reconciliation Recording Session